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Operator Certification Revisions

Deadline for comments: February 28th, 2020

ADEM is working on a historic change to the Division 10 Regulations that govern the operator certification program. These changes will impact every utility and operator in the State of Alabama. Your participation in this discussion is strongly encouraged.
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2019-2020 Educational Scholarship Awards

Applications for the 2019-2020 Scholarships are due March 30, 2019.
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JAG ScholarshipMay is time for ARWA to offer assistance to young graduates who are interested in continuing their goals to include a higher educational degree or certification. Meet the 2018-19 Recipients.

2019 ARWA
Awards of Excellence

Our annual Awards recognize water and wastewater operators, managers and others for excellence. The 2019 award winners were recognized at the Awards Luncheon on March 20, 2019. Check back for the details!

ARWA's 41st Annual Technical Training Conference

March 17-20, 2019 - Mobile

Mobile Convention CenterIt was a great conference!
Highlights online with our Srping Waterline in June!

Conference Information

Special Note on CCRs

ADEM is changing the Consumer Confidence Report Certification Form. To monitor the update and get a copy, go to their website at this link: water/drinkingwater.cnt

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2019 Water Taste Test

water drop2019 Results online soon!

The Winner of the 2018 Water Taste Test was Leeds Water Works Board. The runner up was Freemanville Water System. Read the full story in the Waterline, 2018 Water Taste Test PDF file.

ARWA Apprenticeship Program

During the 2018 Annual Technical Training Conference, theARWA and the Department of Labor formally adopted the Standards of Apprenticeship for the job of Wastewater System Operator with the ARWA.  We are taking applications to sponsor apprentices who wish to become Wastewater Operators. Read more about the new apprenticeship program PDF file.

Roby Visits Alabama

Thursday, April 5, 2018, Mike Albares, Legislative Director for Congresswoman Martha Roby, Alabama's 2nd Congressional District Representative, joined the Alabama Rural Water Association's Executive Director, Kathy Horne, on a tour of a couple of rural water systems in the 2nd District. These systems are similar in the fact that they both serve rural Alabamians and have both been able to benefit from Federal and State funds made available to support rural water utilities provide vital services to the people of Alabama. Read more PDF file.

NRWA Emergency Response Training

ARWA Hosts Training in Orange Beach

Waterline, Spring 2018, By Rob White IV, ARWA Deputy Director - Each year, members of the National Rural Water Association’s Emergency Management Committee join together for a day and a half of emergency response training. This year Alabama was chosen as the host state for this event, and what better place to go than Orange Beach for such an occasion? Read the story, 2018_NRWA Emergency Response Training PDF file.

Operator Certification Exam Location Changes

The Alabama water and wastewater operator exams are administered at one of the Computer Based Test (CBT) Exam Centers owned and operated by a company called PSI/AMP. (Formerly Applied Measurement Professionals, PSI has acquired AMP.) This article describes the process and provides the new locations. Operator Certification Exam Location Changes

Articles of Interest

Nitrogen Conversion

Mike Baumgartner, ARWA Wastewater TechnicianMike Baumgartner, ARWA Wastewater Technician, Waterline, Summer, 2018. - The oxidation of nitrogen in wastewater treatment is done in three steps. The first step is not talked about much. The process is Ammonification. This is the oxidation of amino acids and urea to Ammonium / Ammonia. The second step is the conversion of Ammonium to Nitrite (No2). Lastly, the process of de-nitrification is the conversion of Nitrate (No3) to Nitrogen Gas and ultimately released to the atmosphere. There are two types of bacteria that are in play. Nitrifying bacteria are called “Nitrosomes” and De-nitrifying bacteria are called “Nitrobacter”. - More -

Importance of Work Orders

Robert White, IV, ARWA Deputy DirectorRobert White, IV, ARWA Deputy Director, Waterline, Summer, 2017. - Every once and awhile, the ARWA gets a call from a system that has experienced a dramatic turnover of employees or decisionmakers and has fallen into an area of danger that might jeopardize system operations. - More -


Don’t Let Your Data Retire

David Brooks, Circuit RiderDavid Brooks, Circuit Rider, ARWA Energy Circuit Rider, Waterline, Summer, 2017. - He was at the shop 15 minutes before anyone else every morning, mainly because he liked the coffee made his way and the truck warm before we left. He was always looking out the passenger window as we rode the system, always looking for leaks. He could tell you the story behind almost every repair he’d ever made on the system. - More -

Using the Microscope

Mike Baumgartner, ARWA Wastewater TechnicianMike Baumgartner, ARWA Wastewater Technician, Waterline, Summer, 2017. - One of the most important tools used in process control of an activated sludge plant is the microscope. Because microorganisms follow distinct patterns in all activated sludge systems, it is possible to determine the operating characteristics of various biological systems by performing microscopic exams. - More -

Oxygen and Utilization

Mike Baumgartner, ARWA Wastewater TechnicianMike Baumgartner, ARWA Wastewater Technician, Waterline, Spring, 2015. - Dissolved oxygen or D.O. is a term we use in the wastewater business quite often. It is one of the big three parameters we control in order to have a successful process. The other two are control of organics (food) and population of microorganisms. Let’s discuss D.O. and how it is utilized.

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Immunizations for Utility Personnel

Mike Baumgartner, ARWA Wastewater TechnicianMike Baumgartner, ARWA Wastewater Technician, Waterline, Spring, 2014. -Lately, I have been asked about immunization or vaccination needs for wastewater operators. First, I can only share my experiences while working for a municipality in our neighboring State of Florida. The immunization program was part of the safety section of the policy manual.

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2020 Conference Cover

ARWA's 42nd Annual Technical Training Conference

Mobile, Alabama

March 15-18, 2020
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ARWA Events

Rural Water Rally, NRWA, Washington DC

ARWA Annual Technical Training Conference - More information plus highlights of past Conterences

Alabama/Florida Joint Technical Training Conference - More information plus highlights of pastConferences

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March 15-18, 2020
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