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ARWA offers updated Nexbillpay for our members


Alabama Rural Water Association has partnered with nexbillpay to provide our members with payment processing and collection services at little or no cost.

Linked Accounts

* Lets customers see an overview of all of their accounts at once.

* Allows customers to pay with one transaction fee without having to go in the office to make a payment.

Card Storage

* Fewer calls from customers with problems paying online due to stored payment method.

* Quicker and easier transactions for customers which results in more on-time payments for the utility.


* Allows the customer to know the account balance and make a payment without Internet access.

* Send to customers that are in debt collections to reduce cut-offs and increase collections of past due balances.

* Provides bill reminders that let customers know they have a balance, or a past due balance, and allows them to pay by text.

Auto Pay

* Utility employees don't have to run bank drafts in the office each month.

* Banking information is securely maintained on our servers with no risk of exposure of customers info to intruders.

* More timely payments from your customers with little effort on their part.

* Custom auto pay date that the utility can determine based on their billing dates.

* Reduce total monthly calls from customers to pay by phone or in-office.

Intelligent IVR

* Enables utility employees to focus on customers that are in the office.

* Helps utility employees to avoid handling sensitive customer information.

* Allows customers to store payment methods for quicker transactions than calling into the office.

* Customer phone number and account number recognition that reduces the amount of time the customer spends making the payment.

* Allows customers to get confirmation receipts via SMS for record keeping.

* Enables the customer to retrieve previous payment data along with the current balance on the account without calling the utility directly.

Best in Class Support

When our phone rings, we answer because we are a customer service focused organization. Our personal touch support team puts our clients first and when you need something, you become number one priority. On any given day, 99% of our support tickets are resolved because we are grateful that you put your trust in us. Our goal is to make your job simpler through unlimited phone support training, and availability. Our support staff is here to help you accomplish your goals and get the most out of our services.

More Information

To request more information about these services, visit the nexbillpay website at or contact us with questions at:




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