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Supporting the John A. Garrett Scholarship Program

Support the Scholarship
Please support the
John A Garrett
Scholarship Fund.

3 Easy Ways to Support Scholarships

  1. 1. Donate!
  2. 2. Participate!
  3. 3. Shop on Amazon! (What? Seriously, you'll see)


Currently, we hold one fundraiser each year for the Scholarship Fund.

This event is the John A Garrett Annual Golf Tournament.

This event is held in conjunction with the ARWA Annual Technical Training Conference, typically in March of each year.

Sign up and play! It is great fun with great folks for a great cause!

Amazon Smile Foundation

Do you purchase items from

Of course you do!

We all do these days. Well, I have great news. The ARWA John A Garrett Scholarship Fund has partnered with The AmazonSmile Foundation in order to receive 0.05% contributions from qualifying purchases you make when shopping at Amazon.

This costs you $0.00 additional dollars. You just sign up at and select the ARWA John A Garrett Scholarship Fund as your preferred charity, then shop as usual. Qualifying items will automatically generate donations. The items cost the same as before, so you’ll experience no difference in your purchasing budget, while simultaneously generating revenue for our charity.

The only difference you will experience, is that you will have to go to, rather than to begin shopping. Everything else is exactly the same! Great news, right!

Here is how to get started in 4 easy steps:

  1. Go to and click the ‘Get Started’ button.
    instruction image 1
  2. Search for our charity. We find that using ‘arwa john’ is enough to find our group.
    instruction image 2
  3. Select the ARWA John A Garrett Scholarship Fund Inc as your charity of choice.
    instruction image 3
  4. Check the box, and then select ‘Start Shopping’.
    instruction image 4
    instruction image 5

That’s it! Now the only change you will experience is when you start shopping. Instead of going to, you’ll go to

Once you do that, you be supporting scholarships at no additional cost to you. Buy things and feel great about it!
BONUS – Now you’ll have an excuse to buy that crazy item that has been in your cart! Thanks!

We sincerely appreciate your support!

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