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ARWA Circuit Rider Program

Examples of Actual Leak Detection Results

This is a video of a large leak found at a Water Utility in 2012 while ARWA was performing a Leak Survey. This leak was approximately 100 gallons per minute, and had been leaking for several weeks prior to being located.

Ardmore Water System leak
This leak was found in April 2007 at the Ardmore Water System by Franklin Buzbee, a Circuit Rider for Alabama Rural Water Association. The system had 1,050 customers located in Limestone County. The leak was estimated at 75 gallons per minute. After repairs were made, the system saved approximately $5,670 per month.

leak in Ardmore
This leak in Ardmore was located on State Line Road east of Jones Avenue. The leak was not surfacing. After it was excavated the water level did not reach ground level. It was escaping through another underground means.

Employees of  the Ardmore Water System are shown repairing the leak on the day it was located.
Employees of the Ardmore Water System are shown repairing the leak on the day it was located. They stated had they not seen the leak and would not have believed there was a leak at this location.

Harrisburg Water Authority
This 100 Gallon Per Minute leak at the Harrisburg Water Authority was surfacing near a drainage ditch. The ditch was covered with ground foliage making it nearly impossible to see. The water was running down the ditch to a nearby stream.

Harrisburg Water Authority 100 Gallon per minute leak.
Harrisburg Water Authority 100 Gallon per minute leak. Customers in the Pondville Area had been without water for 4 days when this leak was located.  Harrisburg Water Authority is located in Bibb County and serves 345 customers.  The repair of this leak resulted in a savings to the system of $2,014.80 per month.

Harrisburg Water Authoritys maintenance crews make repairs on the 6 inch PVC water main.
Harrisburg Water Authority's maintenance crews make repairs on the 6 inch PVC water main.



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