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Getting Results From Your Experts

Cover of Book, Getting Results From Your Experts
Getting Results From Your Experts

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Water and wastewater utilities need experts. From bond issues to construction projects, experts help municipalities and rural water districts get the job done. Many utilities have long-time relationships with their consulting engineer, attorney, etc. Others seek them on a project-by-project basis.

As the owner, you need to know how to get results from these experts. Your job is to be the coach, seeing that all players carry out your game plan. They bring professional expertise to your project, but only you as the owner can make final decisions.

Construction projects are the theme of this handbook. That's because capital improvement construction projects bring together most of the experts you work with--consulting engineers, attorneys, bond council, financial advisors, contractors, etc. Their job starts with sound planning that safeguards your community and your lenders. They are in charge of building your project to specs, on time and within budget. It's your job to make sure your experts do theirs.

Boards/councils, successful management of experts means being accountable to your community. You've asked your children and grandchildren to pay for that new water storage tank, line extension or treatment plant. Your job is making sure their money is used to protect public health, support businesses and improve your community's quality of life.

Many people assisted in developing and producing this fifth volume of the Water Board Bible series. Special thanks goes to the Texas Rural Water Association, which helped support this handbook.

Special thanks also to Helen Price, PWSD No. 2, Andrew County, MO; Tim Austin, Austin/Miller Consulting Engineers, Wichita, KS; Michael Dunnaway, Bartlett & West Engineers, Inc., Topeka, KS; and Duane Youngquist, Ponzer-Youngquist Consulting Engineers, Olathe, KS, for their assistance. Rich Becker, Becker Designs, Prairie Village, KS, once again added a light touch with his cartoons and layout.

Getting results from your experts: Engineers, attorneys and more! is dedicated to the thousands of board members, city councilpersons, mayors, managers, superintendents, operators, city clerks and office managers who serve their communities 365 days a year. We hope that this handbook helps you, the owner, get your next construction project built to specs, within budget and on time....and when it's completed, that all team members can enjoy sitting down at the same table for pie and coffee.


Ellen G. Miller
Elmer Ronnebaum


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