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NRWA Revolving Loan Fund

National Rural Water Association

Revolving Loan Fund

National Rural Water Association
in Conjunction with USDA/Rural Development

drinking waterThe NRWA Revolving Loan Fund was established under a grant from USDA/RUS to provide financing to eligible utilities for pre-development costs associated with proposed water and wastewater projects.  RLF funds can also be used with existing water/wastewater systems and the short term costs incurred for replacement equipment, small scale extension of services or other small capital projects that are not a part of your regular operations and maintenance. 

Systems applying must be public entities.  This includes municipalities, counties, special purpose districts, Native American Tribes and corporations not operated for profit, including cooperatives, with up to 10,000 population and rural areas with no population limits. 

What are the loan amounts?

Loan amounts may not exceed $100,000 or 75% of the total project cost whichever is less.  Applicants will be given credit for documented project cost prior to receiving  the RLF loan.

What are the loan terms?

The law authorizing the program allows a maximum repayment period of 10 years. Additional ranking points are awarded in the selection process for applicants that propose a  quicker repayment of the loan.  The repayment period cannot exceed the useful life of the facilities or financed item. 

5 year, interest only, pre-development loans will also be available.  

What is the interest rate?

Loans will be made at the lower of the poverty or market interest rate as published by RUS, with a minimum of 3% at the time of closing.  The most current rates are available on the RUS Water and Environmental Programs Home page at www.usda.gov/rus/water.

What are the collateral requirements?

As a minimum, a promissory note or comparable document authorized by the governing body will be required. Additional security may be required by the RLF administrator or loan  committee when deemed necessary as allowable under State law.

Where should applications be filed?

Applications, information and forms can be acquired via the internet at www.nrwarlf.org.  Information can be emailed, if available electronically, to nrwarlf@nrwa.org

Applications and documents can also be sent by mail.  Applicants can also contact  any State Rural Water Association for assistance in acquiring, preparing and submitting the required documents.

Rural Water Revolving Loan Fund
2915 S. 13th Street
Duncan, OK 73533



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